Friday, October 27, 2017

Comparative Sitting Positions

The following picture illustrates the basic sitting position for an odalisque under Code d' Odalisque. It is sometimes called "Second Position" or "Lelune" meaning "like a crescent moon" referring to the curve of the woman's back. Notice that her hands are on her knees, fingers outstretched. Her eyes are looking at her fingers.

This position is usually used for instruction purposes or while the slave is waiting. The slave is silent and still.

Compare the Code d' Ode position "Lelune" to the following picture. It illustrates the basic sitting position for female slaves in Gorean slavery. By extension it is commonly used in slave play throughout the BDSM sub-culture. The slave sits on her haunches. Note the position of the hands; on the thighs, palms upwards.

This Gorean position is not used in odalisque slavery. Code d' Odalisque includes a complete system of distinct slave positions. "Lelune" is position two. Slaves who serve under Code d' Odalisque should be instructed and trained in the appropriate slave positions. Perfecting some of these positions is an art form of elegance. Other positions are for sexual access or sexual display.

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