Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Gorean Slavery

Code d’ Odalisque is a complete system of consensual erotic slavery. The other modern system popular in BDSM sub-culture is known as “Gorean” or the “Gor” system. This is based upon the fictional works of John Norman, pseudonym of the philosopher Professor John Frederick Lange Jr. Beginning in the 1970s, and drawing upon the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Professor Lange has used fantasy fiction novels to illustrate his philosophy of “ethical naturalism”. From the 1980s onwards groups of people have translated the life described in this male adventure fantasy fiction into a real life sub-culture.

The novels describe a detailed system of slavery in which males are naturally Masters over women. The Gorean system is extracted from the novels. Goreans enact the slave system described in the novels. The system evokes a world of hunter/warriors – the noble barbarian – who, by virtue of his strength, is a Master over female slaves called “kajira”. The philosophy and ethics of the Gor system is Neitzchean – the refinement and nobility of power. A modern primitivism.

Gor is a beautiful system and it suits a certain temperament. There are many points on which it resembles Code d’ Odalisque. Both systems are male dom/ fem sub, for instance. But Code d’ O is a different system that draws upon different inspiration. The underlying philosophy might be described as “enlightened hedonism”, and it appeals to historical models from a later era. Gor takes its aesthetics from the European barbarian era. Code d’ O looks to the more sophisticated, urban slavery of the orient, up to and including the Ottoman Empire.

There is no quarrel or competition between Gor and Code d’ Ode. The systems appeal to different types of people. But it is useful to appreciate the differences between the systems. It helps to compare Gor and Code d’ Ode. The distinctive features of Code d’ Ode are better understood by comparing it to the Gorean system. Gor is tribal, primitivist, glorifying the ‘Order of Nature’ and offers an implicit critique of modern abstraction and alienation. Code d’ Ode is from a later phase of civilization. It is the slavery of the urban sophisticate, bourgeois decadence. This is why, for example, it takes the form of a quasi-legal codification. In this phase of history slavery is regulated to the life of the literate urban trader, a structured corporate world of contracts and rules. Gor is a system for the alpha male. Code d’ Ode is not rooted in such naturalism. It is a system – an indulgence - for educated, successful urban gentlemen.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Qualities of a Slavekeeper

To be a successful Keeper of an odalisque a man needs certain qualities. One does not need to be a “Dom” in the technical sense and nor does one need a lot of experience in the Master/slave or dominant/submissive lifestyle, but there are certain traits that are essential. Not every man can be a Slavekeeper, anymore than every woman can be an odalisque. It requires aptitude and the right approach. Unfortunately, experience has shown that the necessary qualities are often in short supply in the modern man. It is often easier to find a woman suited to the odalisque role than it is to find a man suited to be a Slavemaster. Here are some of the key qualities that a man needs if he is to consider owning an odalisque:


A Slavekeeper needs to be sane and stable. It is a sad fact that many guys who trawl the BDSM scene are neither. Guys who have a history of mental illness and related disorders such as delusions of grandeur are disqualified.


A Slavekeeper must be able to hold his peace. Guys with short tempers or who are prone to bouts of anger or violence are disqualified. A Keeper must have a deep and lasting commitment to the principle of peace in personal relations. Guys with a history of domestic violence don't make the grade.


A Slavekeeper is necessarily a sexual man. He loves sex, needs sex, enjoys sex. He is a phallic being. He must have a deep, wholesome love of sex, and heterosexual sex in particular. Neurotic guys who have serious sexual hang-ups or guys who are repressed homosexuals are disqualified. One owns an odalisque for sexual fulfilment and for no other reason. Guys who are motivated by power rather than sex are disqualified.


A Slavekeeper must love women. They must enjoy females and the company of females and have a deep respect for the feminine. Macho guys, women-haters and “men's men” are disqualified. 


A Slavekeeper must be mature and sensible and have insights into himself. He must have seen a bit of life and know how to behave responsibly and appropriately. Immature fools, loudmouths, jack-asses and dickheads are disqualified. 


A Slavekeeper must be generous of nature in all departments of life. He is a generous friend to his friends and is always ready to put others ahead of himself. Selfishness and mean-spiritedness disqualify a man from the Keepers role. 


A Slavekeeper must be patient. He is not easily frustrated. He sets clear goals and works towards them in a steady manner. Impatience is a sure sign that a guy is not suitable for the Keepers role.


A Slavekeeper must be chivalrous and courteous. He is well-mannered, polite and behaves in a gallant and respectful manner towards women. Guys who are coarse, loud, abusive or rough are disqualified.


A Slavekeeper must have a degree of refinement. He has refined tastes. Guys who are all beer, pool and football are unlikely to make good Slavekeepers under Code d' Odalisque. These things are fine in themselves but a Slavekeeper needs a broader and more nuanced range of interests and appreciates some of the finer things in life as well.

This list is not exhaustive, but it does provide a sketch of the traits that are essential. There are other styles of slave play (such as Gorean) for other types of men. Code d' Ode is designed more for the urbane, sophisticated gentleman than for the Conan-the-barbarian type. Read through the above list again and ask yourself honestly - “Is keeping an odalisque really for me?”

Monday, December 19, 2016

Power Exchange in Code d' Odalisque

Question: How is Code d’ Ode different to the rest of BDSM?

Answer: It is part of BDSM, by any definition, but it is a distinct system of consensual slavery. It is different and distinct in many ways. For example, it does nopt include sado-masochism and it is not based – first and foremost - on “power exchange”. It is not about “power exchange”, as such.

Question: Isn’t all consensual slavery about power exchange? Person A surrenders power to Person B. So Code d’ Ode is no different, is it?

Answer: That is true. By definition slavery is a power exchange. Necessarily so. So there is power exchange, of course. But in Code d’ Ode, power exchange is not the point of or the focus of play. It is about pleasure, not power. There is an exchange of power in order to facilitate pleasure and the pursuit of pleasure. The real dynamic is “fantasy projection” – the sharing of sexual fantasy. Power itself is not the enjoyment. And in that regard Code d’ Ode is different to much of what we might call mainstream BDSM, which is about power exchange. People enjoy power. People get off on power. But Code d’ Ode is not about the enjoyment of power – not primarily.

This follows from Code d’ Ode being non-violent, hedonistic and non-sado-masochistic. Because violence, inflicting pain, sado-masochism – these are about power. Power exchange – where it is an end in itself – naturally extends to that exercise of power we call violence. In BDSM people explore power exchange, including dabbling in controlled and consensual violence. Spanking, whipping, torture – these things are about power, obviously. The thrill is in the power. The thrill of wielding it and the thrill of surrendering it. This is why some people argue that BDSM is not essentially sexual. It is not about sex. It is about power.

Play in Code d’ Ode is not primarily about power. Of course, there is power exchange. The slave surrenders power and the Slavekeeper wields it. And that may be enjoyable in itself, but it is not thrill of it. Power exchange – slave to Master – is only a function necessary to the main game: the pursuit of sexual pleasure and sexual exploration. Code d’ Odalisque is hedonistic. It is not about power. It is about pleasure. It is about sex. It uses power – of course. But it is about pleasure. There is the pleasure of power too – we do not deny it! But the focus is upon sexual pleasure and sexual fantasy.

The exact psychology of Code d’ Odalisque is as follows:

Power exchange facilitates fantasy projection. Person A surrenders power to Person B so that fantasy projection may occur. Power exchange is not an end in itself. Power exchange is not the thrill. The thrill is fantasy projection.

That is different than in most BDSM.

Fantasy projection is a different modus operandi. It involves the projection of sexual fantasy – a sexual energy – between Master and slave. There is power exchange, yes, but only in order to allow a situation in which fantasy projection can occur. This is where the female slave becomes an “image” (simulacra) of her Master’s inner “fantasy female”.

Another consequence of this is summed up in the slogan ‘Man is her Master. Cock is her god.’ The slave in Code d’ Odalisque is not centred upon the personality of her Master. She is a sex slave. Cock is her god. In standard BDSM slave-play the slave will often be consumed by the dominant personality of her Master. He will be regarded like a demigod. The slave worships her Master. This is because of the power exchange between them. There is a concentration of power in the Master; he becomes a little god, a guru.

Code d’ Ode has a different emphasis. The odalisque is phallocentric. She obeys her Master, but it is cock she worships. It is an important distinction. There are no personality cults in Code d’ Odalisque. The slave is less wrapped up in the personality of her Master. Her surrender, finally, is to cock, not to him. Accordingly, a Slavemaster in Code d’ Ode need not be an alpha-male with a powerful personality. He need not embody authority and power in himself. Code d’ Ode does not empower the Slavemaster to the same degree as much BDSM power exchange. There is limited power exchange. Beyond that the dynamics of Code d’ Ode is through the projection of sexual fantasy.

The distinction is plain in practice: In “power exchange” a woman will enjoy being tied up and the Master will enjoy tying her up. That is the point of the play. Often there is no sex involved. Often the bondage will extend to controlled violence – paddling, spanking, whipping. All “power exchange”.

In Code d’ Ode, while the tying up might be enjoyable in itself, it is really just a preparation for the main event: the sexual enjoyment of the bound slave. The emphasis is on the sex, not on the bondage. Power exchange is not an end in itself.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Keeping an Odalisque

Keeping an odalisque: some basic preparatory points. These are some basic things to note if you are at the beginning of owning a cockslave. 

*You are Slavekeeper. Your odalisque is slave. Owning a slave is a responsibility and a privilege. A Keeper must keep his slave. You must feed, accommodate and look after your slave. 

*Your odalisque is a captive sex slave. You keep her as a captive. You do so in order to use her for your sexual enjoyment. 

*She cannot be used as a work slave. Her only task is sex. She does not cook or clean. As Keeper, you will need to organize cooking and cleaning both for yourself and for her. 

*Your slave is a secret captive. She is hidden from the world. She is kept in “occlusion”. Treat your slave as a secret. Keep your slave lifestyle a secret. 

*The slave is forbidden to leave the house without express permission. The Keeper should establish rules about this and about her behavior outside the house (sojourn). The less time the slave spends in sojourn the better. The more time she spends in occlusion the better. 

*You control your slave’s clothing. Her natural state is completely naked. She should be allowed appropriate garments but kept “essentially naked.” 

*Because your slave is kept naked or semi-naked you need to provide appropriate heating. 

*Your slave must have access to bath and shower (and spa, where possible). An odalisque should spend a lot of her time washing, relaxing, preening, preparing herself for the use of her Master. 

*Instruct your slave in your preferences regarding her presentation to you. Tell her how you want her to present herself. With her hair up or down? Her pubic hair trimmed or shaven? Etc. 

*The slave should wear an “attar” – that is, a distinctive perfume. Make sure she wears this perfume whenever she is in active service as odalisque. 

*Encourage a “service ethic” in the slave. She should be eager to serve and proud to do her job well. 

*Establish a routine for the slave. Her life should be restrictive and structured. She is a captive, not a freewoman. 

*The slave should be nurtured – this requires that she goes on sojourn for some things. Allow her to go for walks, or swimming, or to piano lessons, or yoga classes, or French lessons, or other activities outside the house, as arranged. The Slavekeeper must pay for these activities. 

*Your odalisque has her own room – her odella. It should be comfortable, heated, private. She spends most of her time as captive in her odella. 

*Adjust your slave’s sleeping so that she lives mostly at night. An odalisque is a creature of the night. Let her sleep until mid to late afternoon. 

*Ensure that all contracts and guidelines are in order before any play begins. Give proper attention to matters of consent, safety and legality. 

*Discuss contraception with your slave from the very beginning. There is a heavy responsibility upon a Slavekeeper to not let his odalisque fall pregnant. 

*Discuss the question of guests with your slave from the very beginning. The default position is that a Keeper may share his slave with other gentlemen. Does the slave agree with this? If so, under what conditions? 

*Teach the slave the basic slave positions. Construct slave play around the slave postures and commands. Let it be formal but not military-style. 

*A Slavekeeper should acquire a suitable sword as emblem of his authority over his slave. An odalisque lives “under the sword”. Where there is no sword a cane can be substituted as a makeshift sword. 

*Require the slave to say certain things in French. Start with using “oui” instead of “yes”. Control her speech. Set rules. 

*Use bondage and confinement (cages etc.) to instill a captive mentality into the slave. 

*Be clear in your own mind about how you want to use your slave. What do you want her to do sexually? How do you want to use her? Be creative. 

Monday, December 5, 2016

A Simple Aptitude Test

The odalisque lifestyle is not suited for every woman, and not even for all sex-crazed cockworshipping women. It is a lifestyle of sexual submission. It is suited only to certain psychological types. True odalisques are rare, but many women are well within the psychological range.

The important thing is that the odalisque lifestyle meets your needs. The important thing is that a woman finds the odalisque lifestyle fulfilling. It must fulfill her needs.

There are many common methods of psychological profiling. One of the most common is based on the theory that human beings have (at least) five basic needs, but that we all have different degrees of these. The five needs are: Security, Love,
Power, Freedom, Fun. Some people have a strong need for power. Some people have a strong need for fun. Some people have a strong need for security. Some people value their freedom above all else.

Obviously, the life of the cockslave is not suitable for someone who values freedom above all else, but a need for security and safety is compatible to the slave role.

Here is a simple test to determine your aptitude to the odalisque lifestyle. It requires that you ASSESS YOUR NEEDS. What are your needs? What motivates you?

Read through the following lists of statements:


I have a strong need for security and safety.
I am quite conservative.
I like set routines.
I like to be comfortable.


I need a sense of achievement.
I like to be in control.
I like to overcome challenges.
The approval of others is important to me.


I am an independent person. I value my independence.
I like taking risks.
I don't like to be told what to do.
I like to solve problems by myself.


I gave a strong need for pleasure.
I am a spontaneous person.
I have a strong sense of play. I am playful.
I like adventure.


I have a strong need to belong (to somewhere or someone).
I like to feel connected to other people.
I like to share. Sharing is an important value for me.

Now arrange these categories in order according to your own needs. Which need is strongest in you? The need for security? The need for love? The need for power? The need for fun?

The test will work better if you also ask someone who knows you well to arrange them in order according to how they think of you.

Spend some time getting them into the right order. From your strongest needs to your weakest needs. What is really important to you?

If you have any aptitude for the odalisque lifestyle then your needs should be roughly in this order:




Security, Belonging and Fun are the things that will be important to you. Typically, Security and Belonging are most important. Fun will be third. Freedom and Power will be the things that are least important to the odalisque type.

Women who are sluts (rather than slaves) will be likely to value Fun and Freedom above all things. The slut is sex-loving but the important thing to her is her right to move on. Her love of sex must be in the context of freedom and independence. The feeling of being owned by a man (Belonging) kills her libido.

Women who are whores (rather than sluts or slaves) will be likely to value Security, Power and Freedom ahead of Belonging or Fun. They are interested in sex only as a means to other things.

The odalisque wants (sexual) fun and adventure but she wants it in a secure setting. And she has a strong need to belong. She wants to feel owned. She wants to feel possessed. Freedom and power mean nothing to her. She will happily give away her freedom and power for Security, Belonging and Fun.

The difference between an odalisque and a (typical) wife (a husband/wife relationship) is that a wife values Power much more than Fun. The profile of a (typical) wife will be:


Such women are motivated by the need for security and belonging, just as the odalisque is, but the odalisque is more motivated by (sexual) Fun. The odalisque is happy to give up her Power. But Power is important to the wife type – much more important than fun. The wife role is not essentially sexual. The odalisque role is.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Decor - First Position

17.3. - Decor 

An odalisque shall be trained to stand to the position called "Decor" or "First Position" or sometimes just "First". This is the basic standing position. 

An odalisque shall stand upright and shall not slouch. The slave should stand in a relaxed way, the heel of one foot nestling into or near the arch of the other, as is comfortable. The feet are not in a level military position. 

The slave may move her weight to either foot. The arms should hang naturally, the hands folded right over left over the pubic region. 

Head and eyes should be slightly lowered. It is a demur, modest position. 

The command for this position is a single hand-clap.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Orgasm Torture

Code d’ Odalisque is non-violent. It does not employ methods of sadomasochism. An odalisque is preserved from pain and rough treatment. She is a pleasure slave, treasured and protected.

But this does not mean that she cannot be subjected to certain violent pleasures. Pleasure can be as intense and as extreme as pain. An odalisque can be submitted to extremes of pleasure. She can be tormented, tortured with pleasure. There is no pleasure in violence, but there can be violent measures of pleasure.

Just because Code d’ Ode does not use S &M does not mean it is necessarily mild and vanilla. Play is not necessarily soft. Women who enjoy S & M enjoy the power of pain to take them into deeper zones of submission. These same zones can also be reached through pleasure. There are tools other than pain. There are other ways into the heart of a slave. An odalisque may be submitted to intense, even extreme methods including torture by pleasure or, more specifically, orgasm torture.

The human female orgasm, let us recall, is one of the most violent phenomena in mammilian sexuality. It is usually much deeper and more transforming than the male orgasm. The female climax has great power: this power can be used in the training and enjoyment of cockslaves.

The basic method is simple:

The slave is constrained or positioned suitably and is then subject to prolonged and intense sexual stimulation until she orgasms. This is then repeated until she is exhausted or begs for mercy. 

Sexual stimulation can take any number of forms – digital, phallic, oral - including the use of vibrators and other electronic devices. Or a Keeper may enlist the aid of other gentlemen. Whatever it takes to get her off.

Typically, in this type of play, the slave is given permission to be vocal, to speak, cry, groan, yell in an uninhibited way. Open throated delight. Or, the slave is gagged. Gagged. Bound. Blindfolded. Or this might be an occasion for erotic chant. These are all matters of creative play.

Needless to say, bringing a woman to multiple thunderous orgasms requires some skill and finesse. The Keeper (or Trainer) should know the slave’s responses and – patiently - provoke intense, dramatic, deep, shuddering orgasms in her. He goes to work on her. She surrenders her body to him. He pleasures her until she cums. And cums. And cums.

If she cannot continue climaxing then he pushes her to the highest plateau of pleasure he can, and he keeps her there. Often, after a long duration, she will suddenly crash into climax. Otherwise, he pleasures her to exhaustion.

He should then use the power unleashed by these peaks of pleasure to shatter the slave, destroy her, reduce her to a sobbing, quivering mess. He uses orgasm torture to take her deep into sexual submission. It is a technique of sexual catharsis. The most extreme form of this play takes the form of the slave being reduced to a sobbing, incoherent, shaking, throbbing, blithering, gasping mess. She is reduced to jelly.

A session of orgasm torture should be planned in advance. Prepare the saray. Devices of restraint. See that the slave is rested. Perhaps select the best time of her monthly cycle. Perhaps ply her with wine. Put out the ‘Do not disturb’ sign. Then devote a long, wild night to pleasuring her body to climax as often as you are able. Aim to demolish her. Don’t stop until she is destroyed.

Orgasm torture should be approached as a fine art. Those that enjoy S & M consider the delights of pain an art form. So too the erotic arts in Code d’ Odalisque. Here the slave is passive. She surrenders her body, her flesh, her cunt. Her Keeper (or Trainer) uses whatever means he needs to subject her to intense, debilitating pleasure, forcing her to cum again and again.