Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Orgasm Torture

Code d’ Odalisque is non-violent. It does not employ methods of sadomasochism. An odalisque is preserved from pain and rough treatment. She is a pleasure slave, treasured and protected.

But this does not mean that she cannot be subjected to certain violent pleasures. Pleasure can be as intense and as extreme as pain. An odalisque can be submitted to extremes of pleasure. She can be tormented, tortured with pleasure. There is no pleasure in violence, but there can be violent measures of pleasure.

Just because Code d’ Ode does not use S &M does not mean it is necessarily mild and vanilla. Play is not necessarily soft. Women who enjoy S & M enjoy the power of pain to take them into deeper zones of submission. These same zones can also be reached through pleasure. There are tools other than pain. There are other ways into the heart of a slave. An odalisque may be submitted to intense, even extreme methods including torture by pleasure or, more specifically, orgasm torture.

The human female orgasm, let us recall, is one of the most violent phenomena in mammilian sexuality. It is usually much deeper and more transforming than the male orgasm. The female climax has great power: this power can be used in the training and enjoyment of cockslaves.

The basic method is simple:

The slave is constrained or positioned suitably and is then subject to prolonged and intense sexual stimulation until she orgasms. This is then repeated until she is exhausted or begs for mercy. 

Sexual stimulation can take any number of forms – digital, phallic, oral - including the use of vibrators and other electronic devices. Or a Keeper may enlist the aid of other gentlemen. Whatever it takes to get her off.

Typically, in this type of play, the slave is given permission to be vocal, to speak, cry, groan, yell in an uninhibited way. Open throated delight. Or, the slave is gagged. Gagged. Bound. Blindfolded. Or this might be an occasion for erotic chant. These are all matters of creative play.

Needless to say, bringing a woman to multiple thunderous orgasms requires some skill and finesse. The Keeper (or Trainer) should know the slave’s responses and – patiently - provoke intense, dramatic, deep, shuddering orgasms in her. He goes to work on her. She surrenders her body to him. He pleasures her until she cums. And cums. And cums.

If she cannot continue climaxing then he pushes her to the highest plateau of pleasure he can, and he keeps her there. Often, after a long duration, she will suddenly crash into climax. Otherwise, he pleasures her to exhaustion.

He should then use the power unleashed by these peaks of pleasure to shatter the slave, destroy her, reduce her to a sobbing, quivering mess. He uses orgasm torture to take her deep into sexual submission. It is a technique of sexual catharsis. The most extreme form of this play takes the form of the slave being reduced to a sobbing, incoherent, shaking, throbbing, blithering, gasping mess. She is reduced to jelly.

A session of orgasm torture should be planned in advance. Prepare the saray. Devices of restraint. See that the slave is rested. Perhaps select the best time of her monthly cycle. Perhaps ply her with wine. Put out the ‘Do not disturb’ sign. Then devote a long, wild night to pleasuring her body to climax as often as you are able. Aim to demolish her. Don’t stop until she is destroyed.

Orgasm torture should be approached as a fine art. Those that enjoy S & M consider the delights of pain an art form. So too the erotic arts in Code d’ Odalisque. Here the slave is passive. She surrenders her body, her flesh, her cunt. Her Keeper (or Trainer) uses whatever means he needs to subject her to intense, debilitating pleasure, forcing her to cum again and again.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Comparative Sitting Positions

The following picture illustrates the basic sitting position for an odalisque under Code d' Odalisque. It is sometimes called "Second Position" or "Lelune" meaning "like a crescent moon" referring to the curve of the woman's back. Notice that her hands are on her knees, fingers outstretched. Her eyes are looking at her fingers.

This position is usually used for instruction purposes or while the slave is waiting. The slave is silent and still.

Compare the Code d' Ode position "Lelune" to the following picture. It illustrates the basic sitting position for female slaves in Gorean slavery. By extension it is commonly used in slave play throughout the BDSM sub-culture. The slave sits on her haunches. Note the position of the hands; on the thighs, palms upwards.

This Gorean position is not used in odalisque slavery. Code d' Odalisque includes a complete system of distinct slave positions. "Lelune" is position two. Slaves who serve under Code d' Odalisque should be instructed and trained in the appropriate slave positions. Perfecting some of these positions is an art form of elegance. Other positions are for sexual access or sexual display.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Code - Seventh Edition

Code d' Odalisque has undergone several complete revisions since it was first assembled from various separate documents in the 1990s. The latest edition, fully revised, with notations and a wealth of additional useful material gleaned from practical experience is now available.

New in this edition: additional illustrations, corrected errors, extensive annotation and cross-references, general re-organisation, new introduction, added appendices including a complete ritual concerning the elevation of memlooks. And more.

Get your copy here:

Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Promise of Pearls

An odalisque, by definition, is not a whore. She is not in the business of offering sex for reward. Any tendency in a slavewoman to seek rewards for her services should be discouraged and trained out of her. But Code d' odalisque does, all the same, make provision for a prize to go to odalisques of distinguished service - a string of black pearls. A Slavekeeper may make a 'Promise of Pearls' to his slave, usually consisting of a series of set "ordeals", and if the slavewoman completes them to her Master's satisfaction, then she is rewarded with a necklace of black pearls which, thereafter, is an emblem of her accomplishments and expertise.  

This is not an obligatory feature of play under the Code, but it provides a useful framework for creative slavekeeping and invokes a certain erotic symbolism that is typical of Code d' Odalisque. A "black pearl" is, in some archaic slang, a description of a woman's vaginal orifice (her "hole"). A string of black pearls therefore carries a corresponding sexual connotation. It signifies, to put it crudely, that a woman who wears a string of black pearls has opened her hole many times. We see this symbolism featuring in the erotica of the 1920s and 30s. 

Some of the relevant articles from the slavecode are reproduced below:

2.14 - Aspiring for pearls 

A Keeper may set his odalisque a program of sexual Ordeals to be endured during her slavery under him and promise her a string of black pearls if she completes them to his satisfaction. An odalisque aspires to wear her Keeper's pearls.

11.13. - The right to challenge an odalisque 

A Keeper may challenge his odalisque with a program of sexual Ordeals for her to endure, and promise her a string of black pearls if she completes them to his satisfaction.

18.1. - Reward for long and faithful service 

An odalisque’s reward for long and faithful service is a string of black pearls.113 Ordinarily, her Keeper will require her to submit to a series of sexual Ordeals and complete them to his satisfaction in order to win her pearls. 

18.5. - A Written Program of Ordeals 

A Keeper may set his program of Ordeals in writing to his slave along with a promise that upon completion of the program she will be awarded a string of pure black pearls as an emblem of her accomplishments. 

18.6. - A Promise of Pearls 

A document setting out a program of Ordeals, as well as the program itself, is formally called a 'Promise of Pearls'. The terms of the contract shall be that the odalisque shall aspire to win her pearls by demonstrations of her sexual prowess and the depths of her service to her Keeper's satisfaction. 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Video - The Odalisque's Life


Miss Angela - Realtor and Odalisque

Code d' Odalisque is flexible. It is possible for women to pursue careers and still enjoy a sex life based in female sexual service. 

Under Code d’ Odalisque there is a fundamental distinction between active play and the state called “sojourn” in which the odalisque may, with her Master’s permission, go out into the world like a freewoman. This arrangement allows for modern women to take on the odalisque role in a part-time capacity and it allows couples (Master and slave) to adapt their lifestyle to part-time play if a full-time undertaking is not possible for whatever reason (usually financial).

We became acquainted recently with Master J. and his slave Miss Angela who have a functioning odalisque lifestyle in which Miss Angela goes on sojourn for four days a week. She is, in fact, a successful junior realtor for a mid-west real estate firm. She is young (31yo) and attractive, well-educated, bright; but she happens to be sexually submissive and loves playing odalisque to her partner. Financially and otherwise they are not in a situation where she can indulge in this lifestyle on a full-time basis. At first they dabbled with slave-play, and then – after discovering the slave code and Code d’ Odalisque – they formalized the arrangement to three days and nights a week. Miss Angela – as per the Code – is officially a slave full-time, but she has permission from her Master to go into the working world on sojourn so that she can continue her career in realty.

This is a good example of what flexible arrangements are possible under the slave Code. The Code seems complex and restrictive (well, yes, it is a slave code, after all!) but in fact it is quite possible to adapt it to most modern lifestyles. When Miss Angela returns home from work she returns to the odalisque role, providing sexual service to her Master. This obviously suits her Master, but it is also a way she can explore and fulfill her own submissive fantasies. It provides them both with a fantasy framework for a rich and exciting sex life. It is necessarily a secret sex life – her work colleagues have no idea of her slave-identity, of course – but she manages to keep her job and her private life neatly separated without much trouble.

Cases such as Miss Angela also underline the fact that Code d’ Odalisque is about an exclusively sexual submission. A woman need not be submissive in other ways in order to be an odalisque. In some female submissive/ male dominant lifestyles females are regarded as fully submissive to men. Often, in fact, they may be deemed inherently inferior creatures. People in such lifestyles revert back to old stereotypical gender roles.

But Code d’ Odalisque offers a further possibility – it allows women to be intelligent, active modern women in the field of business and perhaps in other areas of life while taking a submissive sexual role in the bedroom. An odalisque is only sexually submissive. She is not regarded as submissive or inferior per se. Code d’ Ode does not propose that women, in themselves, are submissive creatures – it only proposes that some women are suited to a submissive role in sex. There is no reason why an assertive out-going businesswoman needs to be sexually aggressive – she can be a successful realtor by day and a submissive sexual servant by night and on the weekends.

The Code is written with full-time play and a complete lifestyle in view, but it is easily adapted to other circumstances. This is a case of developing creative lifestyles. We fully appreciate that many women need to work, or want to work, so the odalisque lifestyle can be adapted to those needs through the device of “sojourn”. There is no need to be one dimensional. The full-time lifestyle is preferred, but if it is not possible then a couple can still indulge in the sensual joys of the Slavekeeper/odalisque relationship outside of their work-a-day lives. 

It was very nice to hear from Master J. and his lovely slavewoman. We would love to hear from others who have creatively adapted Code d' Odalisque to their own circumstances. Please write to: bedroomslaves@yahoo.com. (All correspondence is strictly confiential. And no, the picture above is NOT a picture of Miss Angela!)

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Erotic Dance and Physicalisation

12.7. - Erotic Dance

As a normal and regular part of play an odalisque may be made to engage in erotic dance and display for her Keeper.

There are many forms of erotic dance. An odalisque can be trained in any of these traditional styles. The traditional style that best suits the aesthetic of Code d’ Odalisque is the erotic belly dance or an oriental strip-tease dance like the ‘Dance of the Seven Veils.’ There is no need to be overtly “oriental” in style, though. The preferred style is simply any sensual free form dance that makes a display of the slave’s hair. 

In Western society today the dominant form of erotic dance is the striptease. This is historically an adjunct to prostitution. The client is first teased and then he is picked up by prostitutes – the stripper assists the whore. Since an odalisque is very specifically not a whore, and odalisque slavery is not prostitution – odalisques should be protected from prostitution – this type of erotic dance is usually not in keeping with the aesthetics and values of odalisque play. 

The brassy musical-hall dance show has a set format. You can see it at any strip club in any big city. The same dance. The dancer wears stockings etc. – clothing essentially related to the clothing of the prostitutes being serviced by the dance. These days the connection between the striptease and prostitution might not be so clear, but it remains true. Accordingly, this common form of erotic dance tends to clash with the values of Code d’ Odalisque. It is the more oriental and free-form styles of erotic dance that are appropriate.


Dance is also a means to PHYSICHALIZATION. A sexual servant needs to be situated – psychologically – in her body. Her body is her tool. It is with her body that she serves. The modern media-saturated woman tends to be too mental, too cerebral. Indeed, modern life makes everyone abstracted and cerebral. We live increasingly virtual lives. An odalisque needs to be grounded in the physical reality of her flesh. She needs to know herself as flesh and blood and bone. She is a physical being. Dance is an excellent method of bringing an odalisque more into her body. Her Keeper or Trainer should instruct her: 

When you dance, don’t think! Feel your body.
Think with your body. Not with your mind.
Stop being a mind. Just be a body. Be physical.
Dance is about being physical.
Celebrate your body, your flesh.
Enjoy being a physical creature.
Don’t be an idea. Be real. Be a thing. Be an object with volume in space. Feel yourself as a physical, spatial, three-dimensional thing.

Abstracted, cerebral people don't experience themselves as spatial bodies- they experience themselves as spaceless minds. An odalisque needs to be brought back into her body. 

The preferred form of dance in Code d’ Odalisque is the free form dance that displays the slave’s hair. A free form dance in which the dancer tosses her hair around, from side to side. She throws her hair around, shows her hair to those watching.

Thus, she dances with her head. Her body follows in free form. This may include any movements she likes or that her Keeper requires. Her dance may be serpentine or tribal or classical or lewd or manic or frenzied or graceful and slow.

There are no set requirements. The Code merely says that the slave will learn erotic dance. This can take many forms. 

Slavekeepers and slaves both should be creative.