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Saturday, September 20, 2014

How do I get my girlfriend or wife interested in this lifestyle?

Question: I am really interested in Code d' Odalisque. How do I get my wife/girlfriend interested in this?

Many couples already play an informal version of Code d' Ode in their bedroom games. The woman submits sexually to her man and says, “Use me! Do whatever you want with me! I'm your sex slave!” If you already play such games, that is a good basis for further development. You can then start to add elements of Code d' Ode to your slave games, especially the slave positions and the code of etiquette. A prerequisite, of course, is that your lady is sexually submissive. She must be inclined to sexual service by nature. We have no interest in making a woman into something that is against her nature. But if your wife or girlfriend has aptitude for sexual service – she loves to be used, she loves to serve cock – then you can foster that natural inclination. A true odalisque – a woman who is suited to full-time service – is rare. So it is unlikely that your wife/girlfriend is a true odalisque. If she is, rejoice! But the role of wife and odalisque are quite different and it is unlikely that you are so fortunate to have married a woman with the soul of a true slave. In that case, aim for part-time play or consider finding an odalisque for both you and your wife to enjoy. How do you get your wife/girlfriend interested? Build on existing foundations.

Then introduce her to the Code. Emphasize the pro-feminine and non-violent aspects of the Code. Stress that you are not looking for a domestic servant cook/housekeeper. In fact, you might suggest employing a housekeeper in order to keep your wife/odalisque from domestic toil and freeing her for sexual service. Suggest to your wife that you employ someone to do the domestic chores so that she can be free to take on the luxurious life of sensuality and sexual delights enjoyed by the odalisque. For a woman with natural aptitude the odalisque's life is a good deal indeed. She is kept for sex. This is a better deal than the average wife has. The average wife is housekeeper/mother/cook/cleaner/nurse AND sex-provider, and often works a job as well! When you introduce your wife to Code d' Ode, offer her a new deal. Offer her a life of sensual leisure in return for sexual obedience.

And in this offer her sexual adventure. If your wife is not in the least bit sexually adventurous then Code d' Ode is not for her. The prospect of sexual adventure needs to be enticing to her or you don't have much chance of getting her interested. The whole reason a couple who consider taking up a Master/slave relationship under Code d' Odalisque is for sexual adventure. It is a journey into luxury and lust, and specifically an exploration of the Master's fantasies. Your wife needs to be ready for that. She must have a genuine desire and readiness for playing the role of her husband's secret fantasy girl. She must be prepared to do that, be that. Happily, there are wives who will do whatever it takes to bring their man to fulfilment. If your wife is like that then you have a real chance of getting her interested. If not, little. Is the prospect of sexual adventure – exploring fantasy and pushing limits - an exciting prospect for your wife? Or are you ill-matched? You're adventurous – she's a prude? You can't turn a woman into a (consensual) odalisque if it is against her natural dispositions. So, make an honest assessment of your wife's aptitude. Then introduce her to the Code and emphasize that it offers her a new deal. Then, proceed slowly. Talk lots. Don't rush. Don't try to talk her into it. Talk about it.

It hardly needs to be said that if your marriage is shaky then it is probably not a good idea to introduce Code d' Ode into it. It certainly won't save a bad marriage but it is intense and might harm a precarious marriage. Only consider it if you already have a strong relationship with a high degree of trust and familiarity and understanding between you.

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Slave on Sojourn (Repost)

20.4. - A cockslave in sojourn not a freewoman
An odalisque in sojourn is not a freewoman, although she goes as a freewoman in the world. She is an odalisque. If she is bonded, then she is the sexual property of her Keeper at all times, in occlusion or sojourn. If she is unbonded then she yearns to be owned sexually by a Keeper.

In modern conditions the 24/7 cockslave is rare. Rather, contemporary women either need to work or want to pursue their careers, or they want to study, etc. This requires arrangements where the slave spends part of her time in "sojourn". This is also the case where she needs to leave the house and interact with the world for other reasons, such as going to gym or swimming or to yoga classes. The odalisque's life is very likely to involve times when she is in sojourn rather than in "occlusion" as a slave.

A slave on sojourn goes about her business like a freewoman but she remains a slave. The Code provides rules for the slave on sojourn. For instance, she is forbidden from discussing her slavery with strangers, i.e. she is sworn to be discreet.

To remind her that she is bonded to her Master he may require that she wear a reminder of her captivity.

20.2. - A reminder of captivity during sojourn

A Keeper may require that his cockslave wear a collar or, more appropriately, an ankle band or nose ring, or some other item of clothing or jewellery, whenever she is in sojourn to remind her of her captivity and her continuing obligations as an odalisque.

The usual device for this is the anklet or ankle band. The odalisque has an anklet that she wears whenever she is on sojourn. She is forbidden to leave the house without wearing it. It serves as a subtle, inconspicuous reminder that she remains a cockslave even when not in occlusion.

The true odalisque loves occlusion. She will try to minimize her time on sojourn.

20.1. - An odalisque loves occlusion

A true odalisque prefers occlusion and captivity to sojourning as a freewoman. An odalisque shall attempt to minimize the time she spends in sojourn.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Economic security

We live in increasingly uncertain times. Automation is evaporating our jobs and at the same time our welfare networks are getting thinner and less reliable. There is a growing number of homeless and destitute people. There is a widening gulf between rich and poor. Work is being casualized - more and more people can only find part-time employment, if at all.

In these circumstances it is a sad fact that an increasing number of young women are looking to prostitution as a way of making a living. It pays alright per hour, perhaps, but it is a lifestyle that entails any number of dangers and disadvantages. There are pimps and police to contend with for a start, then there is exposure to bad characters, disease, drugs and so on. It may be better than starving, but it is not a glamorous life.

The odalisque's lifestyle offers itself as another alternative. An odalisque is a dedicated sexual submissive, a slave who consents to be owned by a Master. Like the whore, her duties are sexual - the sexual enjoyment of men. But unlike the whore she is not for hire and her Master is bound to keep good care of her and to provide for all her needs. She is not an object in a callous and cutthroat market. Her status as "slave" means that she is dedicated to her purpose - she is kept and protected, preserved from hardship and toil, shielded from the ugliness and dangers of whoredom. An odalisque is not a work slave. She is kept for sex. Her Master provides for her as she serves his bed.

Assuredly, this is not a lifestyle for every woman, but - under Code d' Odalisque - it is another possibility. The motto 'Kept for Sex' says it all. The odalisque is kept - she has economic security. Her Master provides for all her needs. She doesn't have to pay rent or work a job. Her role is sexual. Her only duty is to offer herself as a willing, submissive slave for the sexual enjoyment of her Master. In this, her life is regulated by the protocols and rules of the Code. For women who enjoy sex, who like being used, life under the right Master can be secure and fulfilling.

For more information about this lifestyle, see our website:

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Slavetraining - PHYSICALIZATION (Repost)

Impress upon the slave:

We are interested in your body. You are a sex slave. We want to use your body. Your body is what makes you valuable to a Slavekeeper. So it is essential that you look after your body and keep it in a healthy and attractive condition.

The contemporary freewoman tends to be very intellectual. This is not desireable in a cockslave. A cockslave is merely a fuckpuppet. Training needs to physicalize her and make her identify herself with her body. She must know implicitly, I AM A BODY. I AM FLESH. Most modern people actually think of themselves as minds in a body (ghost in the machine). A cockslave must stop doing this. She must always think of herself as a physical creature. She should be very focused on her body. She should attend to her body, preen and groom, daily. She should be vitally concerned that she is attractrive and presentable - and fuckable - to the men who are over her.

Don't over-stimulate the slave's mind during training. It is easy to do, but it is a mistake. Reduce her mental stimulation. Make her more physical.

A simple way to reduce her mental stimulation is to keep her blindfolded and otherwise in dimly lit rooms. An odalisque is a creature of the night. Keep her in shadows. In this way she becomes less VISUAL. She takes in less visual stimulation. During training don't let her read or watch television. Let her listen to music, perhaps, but reduce her visual imput. At the same time, concentrate her attention upon her body.

It is usually extremely beneficial for these purposes to indulge the slave in sessions of massage. The Trainer gives her long whole body massages. The intention is to bring the slave deeper into her body, to make her more physical, more "real in the flesh", more present. As an exercise, it also helps the slave learn to surrender her body to the use of another.

Let the slave be fresh from a shower.
Plug her ears and blindfold her.
Let her lay naked on her back at the prepared place (a massage table, for example).
Let her relax.

The Trainer now spends an hour or more massaging and stimulating her whole body. This can include the use of ice packs and hot towels (hold and cold), brushes, prickles, ticklers, rollers, escoriating devices, creams, oils and jellies - a full range of devices designed to give the slave a wide range of sensations. The massage should not be overtly sexual, but rather is sensual in nature. The slave remains entirely passive, her ears and eyes closed. The Trainer has free license to do whatever he likes with her body. He rubs, strokes, kneads, slaps, chops, rolls, tickles - a full range of massaging techniques. The massage should be prolonged and intense. The Trainer can use his imagination and deploy whatever methods and devices he likes upon her body, back and front, to expose her to a full range of sensations, although not excessive pain. It is a mistake to train the body to respond to pain. It can make it numb to finer sensations. Instead, this massage on the slave should take her through a full range of sensations from light tickling to vigorous slapping. Of course, every care must be taken not to scratch or damage the slave's skin.

The objective is not therapy or relaxation. It is increased PHYSICALIZATION. Instruct the slave to do nothing but passively experience the sensations of the massage on her body. Instruct her: "Try not to think about anything. Just feel." Making the slave more physical means making her feel more and think less. In a complete training program there is usually a massage session every day.

A slave might be surprised to find that part of her servitude is to be subjected to prolonged sensual massage, and a Trainer might wonder why he is serving the slave and not the other way around. Such are the special benefits of an odalisque. In this case, the pampering serves a good purpose. It promotes a PASSIVE PHYSICALITY that is exactly what is needed in a cockslave. At a later point the odalisque can learn how to massage a man - it is one of her arts - but in training she is subjected to this vigorous, sensual, physicalizing massage in order to bring her more into her body.

As a general rule physical training is more essential than psychological training. The mind will follow the body. Work from the body to the mind. Train the body first. Training is first of all about the slave's body. A Trainer should not be too eager to go into "brainwashing" and "reprogramming" - if he controls the slave's body then these things will follow. The first thing is to make a real connection to the slave's physicality.

Monday, July 7, 2014

A creative endeavour (repost)

I like many aspects of Code d’ Odalisque, but I find it too specific. I like to do things my way.

Code d’ Odalisque is made available for free. People are free to take or leave whatever they like. Code d' Ode is a free gift. We do not prosecute copyright with packs of vicious lawyers - its not Scientology! The complete Code along with a lot of supporting material is available for free to anyone who wants it. Code d' Ode operates in a spirit of charity, its economic aspects literally so.

There are many worthwhile aspects of the Code – the grading system, the slave postures, the system of etiquette, as well as the philosophy and ideals. People are free to take whatever elements of the Code they like, just as they are free to adapt the Code to their circumstances. The Code is comprehensive and internally coherent, but it is always possible to take some things from it while leaving others. Indeed, we hope that Code d’ Odalisque has a stimulating and positive influence upon a wide range of people, especially people in the BDSM sub-culture.

All the same, Code d’ Odalisque has a special mission to submissive women that sets it apart from ordinary BDSM – it seeks to offer submissive women an alternative to S & M and drudgery. It seeks to reinstitute the role of “odalisque” – the dedicated pleasure slave. The Code offers a complete restoration of consensual odalisque slavery and serves as a foundation for a distinct odalisque slave culture. While many people are eclectic, some people are purists. The codifications of Code d’ Odalisque offer a formal ideal. The objective is to build a community of players dedicated to that ideal and living that ideal.

You can get a free copy of the fifth edition of Code d’ Odalisque by writing to:

You are invited to embrace the ideals of the slave code and to join us in creating a vital community of the odalisque slave lifestyle. Otherwise, feel free to take ideas and to adapt them to your purposes. It is always a creative endeavour.

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Guild of the Black Pearl - website

Just a reminder that our central website, The Guild of the Black Pearl, is now at the following URL:

Lots of free information on all the basic aspects of Code d' Odalisque.