Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Highest Plateau

The whole purpose of a female sexual servant is to facilitate the luxuries of male sexual indulgence. Odalisques (like whores) exist for the sole purpose of bringing pleasure to men. The reason a man owns an odalisque is so that she will serve in his bed and enable him to explore and enjoy an array of sexual pleasures. An odalisque is a fantasy slave. A man owns an odalisque so that he can use her to explore his sexual fantasies and taste new delights.

Because male sexual pleasure is the immediate objective of odalisque slavery, Code d' Odalisque is maledom and PHALLIC in nature. The quest for male pleasure in Code d' Odalisque is cock-centred. For men, Code d' Ode is an opportunity to explore PHALLIC PLEASURE. This is the intense cock-centred pleasure generated by direct erotic contact with the phallus. Phallic pleasure is exactly the pleasure men and boys get from masturbation - direct tactile pleasuring of the shaft and head of the phallus.

The serious and dedicated pursuit of phallic pleasure is a quest for the experience that might be called the "highest plateau.“ The art of it is to delay ejaculation while applying increasing levels of intense pleasure to the phallus. The high art of sexual pleasure for the phallic man is to be able with withhold ejaculation even under intense provocation.

When he does this he will experience a series of "plateaus“ during which the need to fight off ejaculation wanes. For a while he is nearly cumming. Then this urge subsides and he can continue to apply pleasure to his cock without fear of ejaculating. He has reached a plateau.

Soon, though, the urge to cum returns with new urgency. He fights it off. If he succeeds, he reaches another plateau. And so on. Each plateau is at a new level of pleasure, a new level of intensity.

At the higher levels the man’s entire body becomes „phallic“ as it were and the pleasure of his cock radiates to other parts of his body. He begins to quake. The phallus becomes the means of inducing a deeper ecstasy throughout the entire sensorium.

The quest is for the highest plateau. A cockslave should be used in this quest. That is her purpose. She assists her Master on his quest for the highest plateau. It is the quest of the phallic man. This, quite unashamedly, is the immediate purpose of Code d' Odalisque.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Odalisque Preparation Course - available now

This course coaches and prepares women for life as a (consensual) odalisque or pleasure slave under Code d' Odalisque. Guided instruction from an experienced Slavetrainer. If you are attracted to the odalisque lifestyle this is a useful first step. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Point of Etiquette

Myths and Impostors

It has unfortunately become necessary to clarify certain matters regarding the history and provenance of Code d’ Odalisque. A number of unscrupulous and disingenuous characters online have made it their habit to propagate stories about Code d’ Ode which are, in whole or in part, untrue. Most notably you will find accounts of the so-called “Code d’ Odalisque myth” online, along with people posing as “Steven and Vicki Rose”, the erstwhile “creators” of Code d’ Odalisque. There are, that is to say, disputes about the origins of Code d’ Ode and there are people claiming to be what they are not. The following notes are for clarification:

*The original drafts of Code d’ Odalisque were made by a group of people in Adelaide, Australia, as early as 1993. (some say 1991.) This was pre-internet. The Code did not appear on the www until years after this.

*The people concerned had been involved in the local BDSM scene (or the fringes thereof) but were dissatisfied with the emphasis on pain and sadomasochism. In particular, the women concerned were seeking a non-S&M alternative.

*What became Code d’Odalisque began as a series of separate documents that were consolidated over time. (This is obvious from the Code itself. It reads like a compilation of separate documents with quite a bit of repetition which has been corrected by not entirely removed by subsequent revisions.) From its inception - due to the involvement of a lawyer with interests in such things - the Code was loosely based on at least the idea of Ottoman legal codes. 

*As well as the Code itself this group of people also generated other documents and ideas which they exchanged amongst themselves, supplementary to the Code. This body of material grew and was refined from practice and from drawing on historical sources. The idea that the Code was plagiarised from some internet site or is based on someone else’s work is demonstrably untrue. Historical sources are commonly available. A member of the original group had a great interest in Ottoman history. Numerous people contributed their expertise. It came together into a coherent "system" over time. 

*The two main players in this process were “Steven and Vicki Rose” - these names being pseudonyms. There were several other prominent players, most notably Mr G. Gordon.

*As happens with these things, there were disputes among these people primarily because some people involved became more interested in “tantra” and sexual spiritual practices. Some people wanted to go in that direction, others were more interested merely in hedonistic enjoyment and the “lifestyle”. Steven and Vicki Rose were among those interested in “tantra”. Mr Gordon (and co.) were a sort of third inner group interested in occultism of the Aleister Crowley variety. In other words, the original group splintered into factions that eventually went their separate ways. (Common enough in this sort of thing!) 

*There was a period during which Code d’ Ode was more or less dormant or only practiced privately. It was revived when the internet came along and came to the notice of a wider network of people. The Roses, Mr G. and others helped it along (despite their different interests). The Roses, though, were increasingly interested in other things

*Through the internet Mr Charles Molyneux became involved at a certain point and he contacted the original players. They were happy for him and his partner at the time to take up the cause and to develop and propagate the Code as they saw fit. Several folders of material were made available to Mr Molyneux, especially material on slavetraining. At this point, after a couple of revisions, the Code itself continued to carry the copyright of S & V Rose but they had given explicit written permission for Mr Molyneux to take charge of the whole thing.

*Gathering together other interested parties - and assisted by Mr Gordon who remained semi-active at least - Mr Molyneux established the Guild of the Black Pearl to continue the work of developing and nurturing this mode of female submissive lifestyle and play. From this time on Steven and Vicki Rose were no longer involved. Their interests had moved on to other things. As happens with such things there was - as they say - “generational change”. The Code moved to a new group of people. Mr Molyneux, however, was directly connected to the original group and had their blessing to take it and pursue it as he and his partners saw fit. The idea that Mr Molyneux “stole” the Code from Steven and Vicki Rose is demonstrably untrue.

* Code d’ Odalisque has continued to be developed under the leadership of Mr Molyneux and his partners. The Code has been expanded and refined and training techniques and supplementary material (largely based on those original folders of stuff) have been developed with input from practitioners and other creative people. A small community has developed worldwide.

*Of recent times a person posing as “Steven and Vicki Rose” has laid claim to the Code. This is a nonsense. The falsity of the claim is obvious from a study of the ISP addresses of their email accounts. The emails do not come from Adelaide Australia as claimed. The fact that Mr Molyneux was given permission to continue Code d’ Odalisque can be demonstrated in documents and can be confirmed by Mr Gordon who remains (semi) active and has been so from the beginning.

*For their part, Steven and Vicki Rose have moved on - as is their right - and have no interest in Code d’ Odalisque anymore. In fact, they seem to regard it with some disdain since they have since pursued more "spiritual" matters and look back on it as a dead end from their youth. They have spent time (we understand) living in the Indian city of Rishikesh and no longer live in Adelaide. It has been years since they were involved in anything to do with BDSM or related interests. The fact is they are into yoga and a yogi called Osho. People change. They handed Code d’ Ode to Mr Molyneux and then went on to other things. The last time they were contacted about these matters they made it clear they were no longer interested and did not care to be contacted about it anymore. This should be respected.

*Certain people have taken advantage of the free availability of early versions of Code d’ Odalisque. It is good that this lifestyle has spread via the internet, but at the same time there are spurious claims being made about the origins of the Code and the identity of S & V. Rose. The fact is that Mr Molyneux and his partners have worked tirelessly to promote and develop Code d’ Ode for many years now and continue to do so. The people claiming to be Steven and Vicki Rose are impostors. Even so, if they continue to bring Code d’ Ode to a wider audience and assist people in this lifestyle it is all to the good. It is disappointing that they choose to create of charade of spurious identities and traffic public domain documents as their own, but it does little harm.

*Those claiming that Code d’ Ode is a “myth” based on their own work are just egoists - a common enough flaw in the BDSM world. No claim has ever been made made that the Guild of the Black Pearl is some vast secret organisation of slaveowners. It is a small community of dedicated enthusiasts and has always been presented as such. There is no “mythology” involved.

*The new edition of Code d’ Odalisque now carries a new copyright notice. Earlier editions remain in the public domain. New people have joined and bring their own creativity and inspiration. The work goes on.

Friday, July 24, 2015


Code d' Odalisque. New edition. Available now! 

Click on the image.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

How do I get my girlfriend or wife interested in this lifestyle?

Question: I am really interested in Code d' Odalisque. How do I get my wife/girlfriend interested in this?

Many couples already play an informal version of Code d' Ode in their bedroom games. The woman submits sexually to her man and says, “Use me! Do whatever you want with me! I'm your sex slave!” If you already play such games, that is a good basis for further development. You can then start to add elements of Code d' Ode to your slave games, especially the slave positions and the code of etiquette. A prerequisite, of course, is that your lady is sexually submissive. She must be inclined to sexual service by nature. We have no interest in making a woman into something that is against her nature. But if your wife or girlfriend has aptitude for sexual service – she loves to be used, she loves to serve cock – then you can foster that natural inclination. A true odalisque – a woman who is suited to full-time service – is rare. So it is unlikely that your wife/girlfriend is a true odalisque. If she is, rejoice! But the role of wife and odalisque are quite different and it is unlikely that you are so fortunate to have married a woman with the soul of a true slave. In that case, aim for part-time play or consider finding an odalisque for both you and your wife to enjoy. How do you get your wife/girlfriend interested? Build on existing foundations.

Then introduce her to the Code. Emphasize the pro-feminine and non-violent aspects of the Code. Stress that you are not looking for a domestic servant cook/housekeeper. In fact, you might suggest employing a housekeeper in order to keep your wife/odalisque from domestic toil and freeing her for sexual service. Suggest to your wife that you employ someone to do the domestic chores so that she can be free to take on the luxurious life of sensuality and sexual delights enjoyed by the odalisque. For a woman with natural aptitude the odalisque's life is a good deal indeed. She is kept for sex. This is a better deal than the average wife has. The average wife is housekeeper/mother/cook/cleaner/nurse AND sex-provider, and often works a job as well! When you introduce your wife to Code d' Ode, offer her a new deal. Offer her a life of sensual leisure in return for sexual obedience.

And in this offer her sexual adventure. If your wife is not in the least bit sexually adventurous then Code d' Ode is not for her. The prospect of sexual adventure needs to be enticing to her or you don't have much chance of getting her interested. The whole reason a couple who consider taking up a Master/slave relationship under Code d' Odalisque is for sexual adventure. It is a journey into luxury and lust, and specifically an exploration of the Master's fantasies. Your wife needs to be ready for that. She must have a genuine desire and readiness for playing the role of her husband's secret fantasy girl. She must be prepared to do that, be that. Happily, there are wives who will do whatever it takes to bring their man to fulfilment. If your wife is like that then you have a real chance of getting her interested. If not, little. Is the prospect of sexual adventure – exploring fantasy and pushing limits - an exciting prospect for your wife? Or are you ill-matched? You're adventurous – she's a prude? You can't turn a woman into a (consensual) odalisque if it is against her natural dispositions. So, make an honest assessment of your wife's aptitude. Then introduce her to the Code and emphasize that it offers her a new deal. Then, proceed slowly. Talk lots. Don't rush. Don't try to talk her into it. Talk about it.

It hardly needs to be said that if your marriage is shaky then it is probably not a good idea to introduce Code d' Ode into it. It certainly won't save a bad marriage but it is intense and might harm a precarious marriage. Only consider it if you already have a strong relationship with a high degree of trust and familiarity and understanding between you.

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Slave on Sojourn (Repost)

20.4. - A cockslave in sojourn not a freewoman
An odalisque in sojourn is not a freewoman, although she goes as a freewoman in the world. She is an odalisque. If she is bonded, then she is the sexual property of her Keeper at all times, in occlusion or sojourn. If she is unbonded then she yearns to be owned sexually by a Keeper.

In modern conditions the 24/7 cockslave is rare. Rather, contemporary women either need to work or want to pursue their careers, or they want to study, etc. This requires arrangements where the slave spends part of her time in "sojourn". This is also the case where she needs to leave the house and interact with the world for other reasons, such as going to gym or swimming or to yoga classes. The odalisque's life is very likely to involve times when she is in sojourn rather than in "occlusion" as a slave.

A slave on sojourn goes about her business like a freewoman but she remains a slave. The Code provides rules for the slave on sojourn. For instance, she is forbidden from discussing her slavery with strangers, i.e. she is sworn to be discreet.

To remind her that she is bonded to her Master he may require that she wear a reminder of her captivity.

20.2. - A reminder of captivity during sojourn

A Keeper may require that his cockslave wear a collar or, more appropriately, an ankle band or nose ring, or some other item of clothing or jewellery, whenever she is in sojourn to remind her of her captivity and her continuing obligations as an odalisque.

The usual device for this is the anklet or ankle band. The odalisque has an anklet that she wears whenever she is on sojourn. She is forbidden to leave the house without wearing it. It serves as a subtle, inconspicuous reminder that she remains a cockslave even when not in occlusion.

The true odalisque loves occlusion. She will try to minimize her time on sojourn.

20.1. - An odalisque loves occlusion

A true odalisque prefers occlusion and captivity to sojourning as a freewoman. An odalisque shall attempt to minimize the time she spends in sojourn.