Friday, October 21, 2016

The Service Paradox (repost)

In all consensual slave play, and all Dominant/submissive play, there is the so-called "service paradox".  It is part of "power exchange". What it means is that, while one player has an obvious position of power over another, the exercise of that power entails a reversal of roles such that the dominant player often ends up in service to the submissive. That is, while a slave obviously serves a Master, the conduct of play often means that a Master will need to serve his slave.

This is simply to say that the role of Slavekeeper entails responsibilities to the slave. A slave is a helpless servant, not a self-supporting free agent. A Keeper has an absolute obligation to protect and look after his slave. In this, he will often need to be in her service. His role is therefore paradoxical. He is the Master and she the servant, and yet the Master must serve. For example, a slave must be housed and fed. This is the Slavekeeper's responsibility. A Slavekeeper soon discovers that keeping a slave means devoting time and energy to her keep.

Gentlemen who aspire to own an odalisque should be aware of this. While owning a cockslave is a great joy and a means to exquisite pleasures, those joys and pleasures come with responsibilities and obligations. A Slavekeeper will find himself devoting a lot of his time - and perhaps some of his money - to the up-keep of his slave. This is especially the case for an odalisque, because she is not a work slave. An odalisque is preserved from toil and kept exclusively for sex. It is the Keeper's responsibility to look after her. She serves him, yet he is in her service too. The service paradox.

No one should underestimate this. It is important to realise that keeping a cockslave can be hard work. A Keeper must keep. Immature men fail to appreciate this and imagine that keeping an odalisque is one non-stop orgy of fun. A mature man appreciates that there are serious responsibilities in keeping a slave and that orgies of fun are only part of the deal. There is a pact of mutuality between Master and slave in any Master/slave relationship. There is a duty of care on the part of the Master. That duty of care is a form of service.

The service paradox is part of the beauty of the Master/slave relationship. Outsiders wrongly suppose that the relationship is entirely exploitative and one-sided. This is not the case. Under Code d' Odalisque the duties and obligations of both Master and slave are carefully defined. It is a mutual relationship calculated to allow the greatest exploration of male sexual pleasure while at the same time ensuring the safety and well-being of the female slave. People who are interested in Code d' Odalisque should approach it in this way, with a realistic appreciation of the paradoxical nature of service.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Who Does the Cooking?

A common question that arises in discussions of contemporary odalisque slavery is, 'So who does the cooking?' As soon as gentlemen are apprised of the fact that an odalisque is an exclusively erotic servant and not a domestic maid - her duties are confined to the bedroom - they begin to ask 'Then who does the chores?' Surely, if a man is sufficiently well-to-do to own his own female slave he might reasonably expect that she will tend on him and keep house? And surely she will be doing to the cooking and cleaning up the dishes? If not, then what is the point of owning a slave? 

The misunderstanding here concerns the word 'slave'. There are, in fact, several different kinds. Specifically, under Code d' Odalisque, there are two kinds: memlooks and odalisques. A memlook is an all-purpose slave. If a man owns a memlook he is free to have them tend on him in all respects, including in the kitchen. A memlook has no rights under the Code and can be made to do whatever their Master wants of them. An odalisque, on the other hand, is a specialised slave. She has been raised above the status of memlook and has a defined role - namely, she is kept for sex. Her role is erotic and aesthetic. She provides her owner with pleasure and fills his days with beauty. That is what an odalisque does by definition. And since she is kept for sex, she is kept from toil. She is not a work slave like a memlook. She is spared those duties in order to be able to devote herself entirely to the lusts of her Master. 

This means, therefore, that she is not a cook. She is not a kitchen slave. She has no domestic duties. And this therefore means that her Master must provide her food for her. He might also own a memlook in which case the memlook can cook and wash up, but otherwise he will have to do it. The Code, moreover, insists that an odalisque must be fed well. She has a right to the same standard of food that her Master enjoys. A memlook can be fed slops, but an odalisque deserves quality meals. It is the responsibility of the Slavekeeper under Code d' Odalisque to ensure that his odalisque is well fed and enjoys quality meals. 

But what if an odalisque enjoys cooking? some might ask. That is fine. In that case, her Master may permit her to cook, but as a luxury slave she is under no compulsion to do so. It is an insult to an odalisque to treat her as a memlook. But if she enjoys cooking and is perhaps highly skilled in cooking, then her Master may let her cook on occasion. However, in this she must be protected from the dangers of the kitchen. Her beauty - and the fineness of her skin and her nakedness - is valued. Cooks regularly suffer burns and cuts and other mishaps. An odalisque should be protected from such kitchen accidents if she is to be allowed to cook. 

In most cases, though, an odalisque has no business in the kitchen. Her domain is the bedroom. She keeps to her lodging - her odella, as it is called - and serves in her Master's playroom - his saray, as it is called. She is not required in the kitchen. Her Master will prepare food and will take it to her. This is an instance of the so-called "service paradox". Her owns her, and yet he must serve her by looking after her. Owning an odalisque carries a duty of care. She will serve his pleasures, but otherwise he must serve her daily needs. He is required to look after his slave. In most cases this means he will do the cooking. In return, he has an obedient slavewoman who is devoted to fulfilling his sexual pleasures. She is not a maid, not a domestic servant. This is where odalisque slavery is different, by definition, than ordinary all-purpose slavekeeping. If a man wants a cook, he needs a memlook. An odalisque is a different type of slave, spared from domestic toil in order to fully meet her Master's erotic needs.

It helps if a gentleman who owns an odalisque can holds his own in the kitchen. The gentleman Slavekeeper in Code d' Odalisque is not a barbarian. Odalisque slavekeeping is for gentlemen with sophistication. The well-rounded gentleman has more recipes in his repertoire than baked beans on toast. 

Friday, October 14, 2016


Question: Is tickling permitted as a punishment or as a form of torture under Code d' Odalisque? 

Tickling is a perfectly fine form of punishment or torture in odalisque slave play and there are no objections to it under the rules of the Code. There are many people who find tickling unbearable and for whom it is indeed a genuine mode of torture, but it does not violate the principles of the slave code. In particular, it does not present any danger of causing temporary or permanent damage to the *skin* of the slavewoman. This is an important parameter and should always be kept in mind. The skin of the slavewoman is treasured as an asset of her essential beauty. For this reason she spends so much time looking after her skin. In the aesthetic values implicit in odalisque slavery a woman is prized for the clarity and beauty of her skin. Accordingly, any form of punishment or torment to which her Master subjects her (for whatever reason) must be calculated so as not to cause any injury to her skin. Tickling in no way exceeds this parameter.

Nor must punishment or torment inflict pain. It might be argued that tickling is painful for some, but in fact it is a type of excruciating pleasure. This is where we become aware of the similarities of pleasure and pain. Just as some forms of pain in some contexts can be experienced as pleasure (the famous case is in ancient philosophy where Socrates in jail takes off his leg-irons and observes that the pain of it actually feels very good) so too some forms of pleasure can be so acute and intense that it hurts. Arguably, even orgasm is a borderland between pleasure and pain: it makes us scream and moan as if in real agony. Tickling is best considered a type of pleasure that agonizes and torments. But it is not painful in the sadomasochistic sense. It is not violent. So it does not exceed this parameter either.

There is no reason why it cannot be part of creative non-violent slave play. That is, unless the slavewoman is so ticklish, finds it so excruciating, that it causes her to be distressed or threatens her well-being, for example by causing her to hyperventilate or to suffer an asthma attack, or similar. That would only be in extreme cases, and then her Master must exercise his duty of care for her. Normally, though, it is a safe and enjoyable activity to include in slave play. In fact, as a mode of torture, it is a very effective instrument of breaking down a slavewoman's structures of resistance and can be used as a very useful adjunct to other methods.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Light punishment (repost)

In standard BDSM slave play slaves may be subject to corporal punishment: whipping, paddling, smacking and flogging are common ways in which to punish a slave. Indeed, for those who enjoy pain and inflicting pain, these types of punishment may be central to slave play – punishment becomes the whole point of play.

This is not the case in Code d’ Odalisque. Forms of punishment are passive and non-violent – such as consigning a slave to kneel in the corner for a specified time – and punishment and pain are not central features of slave play. They may be included in play but they are not the point of play. Rather, Code d’ Ode is hedonistic. It is about pleasure. The central activity of slave play involves the slave being a willing vehicle for her Master’s pleasures. Punishment is a secondary and incidental part of play. It may be necessary, and it may be fun, but it is not central.

An odalisque must submit to discipline. She must be trained in the odalisque’s arts. It is necessary for Keepers and Trainers to develop suitable methods of punishment for those times when a slave transgresses or disobeys. An odalisque is a pampered slave, but she is still subject to a slave’s discipline. She must be trained to be obedient and compliant. It is necessary to have tools of punishment to wield as required.

These methods of punishment must be non-violent. An odalisque is not a pain slave. Odalisque slavery is non S & M. But there is bondage, and there is discipline.

Sending a slave to the corner for a time is an old tried-and-true mode of punishment. But there are other methods. Isolation. Deprivation. Restriction. Slavekeepers and Slavetrainers should experiment and develop favored methods of punishment according to their experience. All punishments should be non-violent, non-aggressive – light but effective punishment is the ideal. This can be a matter of creativity. There are endless ways to impose discipline that do not involve direct violence. 

One of the parameters of discipline under Code d' Odalisque is that the purity of the slavewoman's skin must be preserved. Methods that mark the skin in any way should be avoided. Whipping, for instance, will mrk the skin. It is therefore forbidden. More psychological methods are preferred, especially those that reinforce appropriate aspects of the slave's duties. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Highest Plateau

The whole purpose of a female sexual servant is to facilitate the luxuries of male sexual indulgence. Odalisques (like whores) exist for the sole purpose of bringing pleasure to men. The reason a man owns an odalisque is so that she will serve in his bed and enable him to explore and enjoy an array of sexual pleasures. An odalisque is a fantasy slave. A man owns an odalisque so that he can use her to explore his sexual fantasies and taste new delights.

Because male sexual pleasure is the immediate objective of odalisque slavery, Code d' Odalisque is maledom and PHALLIC in nature. The quest for male pleasure in Code d' Odalisque is cock-centred. For men, Code d' Ode is an opportunity to explore PHALLIC PLEASURE. This is the intense cock-centred pleasure generated by direct erotic contact with the phallus. Phallic pleasure is exactly the pleasure men and boys get from masturbation - direct tactile pleasuring of the shaft and head of the phallus.

The serious and dedicated pursuit of phallic pleasure is a quest for the experience that might be called the "highest plateau.“ The art of it is to delay ejaculation while applying increasing levels of intense pleasure to the phallus. The high art of sexual pleasure for the phallic man is to be able with withhold ejaculation even under intense provocation.

When he does this he will experience a series of "plateaus“ during which the need to fight off ejaculation wanes. For a while he is nearly cumming. Then this urge subsides and he can continue to apply pleasure to his cock without fear of ejaculating. He has reached a plateau.

Soon, though, the urge to cum returns with new urgency. He fights it off. If he succeeds, he reaches another plateau. And so on. Each plateau is at a new level of pleasure, a new level of intensity.

At the higher levels the man’s entire body becomes „phallic“ as it were and the pleasure of his cock radiates to other parts of his body. He begins to quake. The phallus becomes the means of inducing a deeper ecstasy throughout the entire sensorium.

The quest is for the highest plateau. A cockslave should be used in this quest. That is her purpose. She assists her Master on his quest for the highest plateau. It is the quest of the phallic man. This, quite unashamedly, is the immediate purpose of Code d' Odalisque.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Odalisque Preparation Course - available now

This course coaches and prepares women for life as a (consensual) odalisque or pleasure slave under Code d' Odalisque. Guided instruction from an experienced Slavetrainer. If you are attracted to the odalisque lifestyle this is a useful first step. 

Friday, August 14, 2015